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Dadawas Initiative

Dadawas village is located in northern India about two hours outside of New Delhi. The initiative was started to eliminate poverty through education in the Dadawas village and surrounding areas. Over the past five years the initiative has been:

  • Rehabilitating the BMB Senior Secondary School to boost education.
  • Building a library to promote reading in the school and community.
  • Constructing nursery schools in nearby villages to get young children off the polluted streets.
  • Improving the salaries of underpaid teachers.
  • Providing ways to purify the village water and sanitation.

Here is the iniitiative’s website with further information and facts about all their work: www.societyforexcellenceineducation.org/

How are we helping?

The IFF is raising funds to build a nursery school through the Dadawas Initiative. Children too young to attend the B.M.B. school are often left alone to play in the polluted streets while their parents are working in the fields. The streets have open drains on the roads that carry sewage and waste into the nearby pond, breeding mosquitoes and disease. By building a nursery school, we want to get young children off the streets and ensure their proper physical, mental, and social development before entering kindergarten. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of one nursery school. Any extra funding that we raise for the initiative will go towards paying for financial assistance for students who cannot afford tuition and book fees. To donate please click here.

Why are we helping?

We believe that the “Dadawas Initiative” is a genuine and ethical cause that is improving the quality of life of our friends overseas. In the future we hope to provide scholarships for students from the BMB school to study abroad in the United States and see a world outside the village life. We were inspired by the “Dadawas Initiative” and are happy to show our support. If you would like to make a donation specifically for Dadawas please click here.


Photos from the Village