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Mission Statement

The International Friends Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to exposing today’s youth to cultures all around the world.  The organization will focus on funding scholarships awarded to high school students wishing to travel abroad.


The IFF was founded by Amy Dingler in April 2010. At the age of 17 she felt called to start a non-profit that would give every student the opportunity to travel abroad and become immersed in another culture. Support quickly grew for her cause and the IFF received 501(c)3 approval from the IRS in January 2011. In the past 3 years the IFF has already made great strides to building international friendships. The IFF has awarded two rounds of scholarships and has held numerous successful events, including the Back To Pangaea Benefit Concert and our Annual Awards Ceremony.

What We Do

Staying true to the name of our organization, the IFF strives to build international friendships. We primarily fund scholarships to students who want to travel abroad but do not have the financial resources. It’s one thing to learn about a culture, but it’s another thing to EXPERIENCE it. We believe that immersion in a different country encourages our youth to keep an open mindset and develop independence. The IFF also funds a number of other international projects to promote exposure to new cultures and strengthen connections around the globe. Through building international friendships we try to motivate each person to “become the best version of themselves.” We invite you to read more about our organization and get involved! We hope you find the cause as worthy as we do!